Just got myself a hoverboard!


Good morning my dear friends! Today I decided it was time for a change, it was time to ditch my old blog. I was growing tired of blogging at blogspot. It just felt old to me, interface wasn’t that nice and I just generally didn’t like the whole look of it. So that’s why I chose this platform, in my opinion it’s way easier and simpler. It also looks cleaner.


Anyways, to get back on track. Guess what I just bought for myself today? I’ll give you a couple of hints, it’s been ridden by plenty of celebrities around the world. It has two wheels, it’s black and red, oh did I mention it has a built-in bluetooth speaker?


YOU’VE GUESSED IT! It’s a hoverboard, but with a way cooler design and durability than all the other ones on the market today. I must say I am very pleased with this purchase, I’ve been playing around with it almost all day today and I have almost gotten the hang of it. People wrote that it should only take 5 minutes to master, maybe I’m an exception LOL! It took me like an hour to be able to actually controll the thing, but now I can actually navigate myself around the house without falling over, so that’s kinda cool.


Fun thing is I just found this by accident on the net today. Saw that a website had campaign where it said hoverboard lamborghini for sale, so I had to check it out. And who knew, it was almost 50% so I couldn’t resist, I’ve always wanted to try it so why not right?

I recommend a hoverboard for anyone who’s interested in cool gadgets and technology. You can either use this a way of transporting yourself from point A to point B, or just use it a fun toy, either works great. I think there’s even people doing all kinds of tricks on hoverboards nowadays, but that’s way beyond my level.


That’s all I had to say for today folks! I’ll see you soon and probably with more fun stories and news I want to share with you, take care and have fun. :)


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