Best Roof Contractor in San Antonio TX

So this might come of as completely random, but I spent most of the summer living in my summer house here in San Antonio. Great weather, great vibe and great people.


Now here's the kicker, my summer house is pretty old. It was built in the 60's and while it still looks great, has a really modern floor plan for its age, the roof is getting out of shape. It's just not what it used to be if you know what I'm saying. I have a close friend who runs a roof inspection company, so naturally I called him and asked if he could come and take a look at my roof. (Quick tip, if you're in the San Antonio area hit him up at Roofing Contractor San Antonio tx.


So fast forward a couple of hours, they show up and we get to work. Remember when I said it was built in the 60's? Well that means the roof has been though a LOT of things throughout the years. Stuff that I didn't even know about. First of all, at some point in this house life, there had been massive hail which had caused fractures through out the whole roof.


Then later on it started to rain, which later caused water to sip in through the small cracks caused by the hail. The rest is history, the whole roof was literally just mold. Luckily my friend, the roof contractor, could hit me up with a pretty solid deal and I didn't have to pay all too much to get it fixed. It took a couple of days to get it all sorted but once it was done the house felt like it was new. Such a great feeling!


So there's my pro tip for the day, if you need to get your roof fixed, don't hesitate to call my friend. Tell him I sent you and you might even get a nice deal!

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